This is the blog of Future Ideas, the innovation, ideation and incubation division of Future Group, India.

The purpose behind this initiative is to develop a medium via which Future Ideas can display its position as a thought leader in various domains, share its niche skills and unique insights with a wider audience in order to gain greater visibility as well as trigger thoughts and discussion amongst its readers that will enable them to appreciate and adopt the Future Ideas approach of constructing different and novel lenses when encountered with problems and scenarios, in order to come to richer and more nuanced insights with which to formulate an opinion.


About Future Ideas:

We at Future Ideas are Consumer Solution Specialist with proven expertise to identify, understand, translate and execute ideas that deliver winning consumer solutions.

Future Ideas believes that consumers are not a snap shot but a moving picture. They are a part of a larger whole and they must be understood in their context.

Future Ideas spends hours engaging in the cosmos of consumers. Observing culture, belief systems, religion and its impact on modern day choices. We empathize with consumers from close quarters and observe how micro and macro scenarios govern consumers and their behaviour.

Future Ideas proposes and brings a new way of creation of businesses, built on macro and micro insights lead by consumer thinking. In an ever-evolving world that borrows practices yet retains identities, Future Ideas recommends a new way of problem solving which is dynamic and built on socio-cultural insights.

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