25 years of endless possibilities

Only twenty-five years ago , Tim Berners-Lee wrote the initial proposals for world-wide web, and laid the foundation of the new world. A new flat world, empowered by connection, collaboration and information. The last two and half decades has seen human civilization use this tool to either create a whole new way of life or re imagine the way it was being done.

Many shifts have taken place over the last twenty-five years. From the parallel idea of time, to newer means of social interactions, to newer models of mobility, the world has seen another dimension the virtual dimension. In the era of civilization after the world-wide web was invented new dimensions of life and living have come into play. Access is more important than ownership, there is comfortable multiplicity in our identity today and perhaps we are at a point in history where discontinuity and disruptions are finding a deeper societal resonance and appreciation.

A quick glance at the success stories of the last two decade would reveal one simple fact, it is not necessary that the one who starts first leads the race. Apple did not create the first personal computer, but they executed the first one to perfection. They did not create the first touch phone, HTC did, but they executed the first completely integrated mobile solution. Success in these times comes with having the ability to converge design, human behavioural understanding, technology and business to hit the highest note.

A few days ago, a colleague was discussing his son’s school admission and said “knowledge alone takes you nowhere, it’s the application and intent that makes the difference.” Similarly for many of the new super powers of today, the success lied in imagining the power of the internet and  force multiplying its potential. These new super heroes helped us all adapt to the invention of Sir Tim Berner-Lee and even today enabling us to imagine opportunities that it provides.

We are living in very interesting times of possibilities. In this open, connected world of the internet, democratic principles are being lived out loud. In many ways the world is offering a level playing field for many to make a fresh start. Here we have the human mind and the free, ever-expanding and growing horizon enabled by Tim Berners Lee’s Internet laying the foundation of a new civilization.

As Sir Tim Berners – Lee, had tweeted during the opening ceremony of London Olympics “This is for everyone .”

Thank you Sir for the 25 glorious years of possibility!







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